Musing Of A Guy

As my gaze gets locked to the black sky, the thought of love being absent from my life sprung up. I can’t digest the fact even after all these months that I have lost the one I loved and that I can’t have her in my life. My eyes get filled with tears everytime this thought comes into my mind but I can’t do anything other than to ignore these thoughts because I can’t fight with my destiny and so, I just close my eyes to let the tears get absorbed back. The absence of love from my life has made a hollow person because I deem it as the absolute necessity to have a happy life. The feelings for her haven’t died and probably never will but I have no option other than to bury them alive. It pains me a lot at night because nights make me feel her absence and I can’t do anything to gain her presence back. So, I just plug in the earphones and listen to romantic tracks which makes my heart heavier and it cries from inside due to all the memories that still seem afresh. 

Sometimes, all I want is to run upto her and crash into her arms to cry, to let my feelings escape, to tell her how I can never be complete but I know I can’t.

All I can afford to do is to put a lid on my feelings and just accept the pain that comes with it. 

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