Well, a new blog is coming up of which I am a part. This new blog is by one of my blogger friends. It’s a five member blog, of which three are already done. So, the space remains only for two members. 

Writers are therefore required and invitation is open to everyone. 

The name of the blog is “Ecanusfive”. 

Anyone who wants to join or even want to enquire about it can mail here 


I too would be moving there once the site comes up. This blog of mine would remain here for anyone who wants to get in better contact with me.


44 thoughts on “Writers Required 

        1. The site is gonna go live on April 17 if all goes accordingly. It’s a group of around 5 members. If you are on insta, provide me your insta profile link so I can contact you there as the person managing the site isn’t well right now.

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