So, what really love is amid all the fake things things happening in the world? 

People these days have made mockery of love. Saying “I love you” has become a normal thing. Most of the times love is used as a thing to get laid and that’s it. 

Saying “I love you” to someone doesn’t mean that I like you or I owe you. 

What it really means is that “A part of me now belongs to you and till death will always belong to you. You and only have the complete control over it. I will be with you through thick and thin of life.”

Love isn’t about pushing yourself to be in a relationship. Love isn’t about showing off to world that you have got a gf or bf. 

When you are in love, you should feel at peace when your partner is with you. 

Fall in love but cautiously.

Not everyone who says “I love you” means it. 

Look beyond their words to know the real meaning. 

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37 thoughts on “Love – The Real Meaning 

  1. I believe love is not a feeling.. Its a commitment.. And both have to work hard everyday to keep up their commitment… Learnt this the hard way when I was frivolous with love…

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    1. Love is a feeling. “I love you” is the acceptance of love and giving a commitment. A relationship needs continuous work from both persons. If one person reduces the work, it will create fights.
      Atleast you learnt. There are some who never learn.

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      1. True… I give my all to a relationship but when the opposite stops giving me even 10% then I just give up… Nowadays I feel it’s all or nothing. Either be in the commitment 100% or let go

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        1. Absolutely, a realtionship requires commitment and commitment requires continuous work from both sides. Although, personally I won’t give up on a person if she just stops giving 10 percent 😀

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            1. You know.. It’s WordPress famous.. Deepika doesn’t like the T word…..and from chocolates, I meant you can give me one instead of saying the T word….😝😝😂

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  2. Sometimes “I love you” may not be meaningful and sometimes a person may even not say the words and yet say it indirectly.
    But these days we even say “I love pizza!” So are we relating a person to a pizza? I don’t know!!

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