One Lovely Blog Award 

One Lovely Blog Award 

​Thanks a lot for this lovely award. It’s my first nomination for this particular award. Hey all, do visit her lovely blog. She writes awesomely emotional posts. 


  1. Write a post to accept this nomination.
  2. Thank the person who nominated you and mention their blog link.
  3. List 7 things about yourself.
  4. Mention the links of the blogs you further nominate.
  5. Notify the recipients of their award.
  6. Post these rules again.

Seven facts about myself –

  1. I am a Scorpion and thus I may come across to you as a rude, egoistic person but infact I am not.
  2. I hate when people misunderstand me and it happens with me a lot of time. 
  3. I am a very lazy person and can sleep all day long. 
  4. I am a shy person and thus never take part in any cultural activities whatever may be. 
  5. I love going to different temples as I am just so much attracted towards them. I feel peace being there. 
  6. I am a complete believer of true love that’s selfless. So, I am basically a Loveaholic. 
  7. I have stopped expecting everything from everyone, even God so actually, I am a hopeless person. 

Nominees are – 

      P.S – The nominees are same as Liebster Award. 😊 


      Liebster Award 

      Liebster Award 

      Thank you ​ and for nominating me for this award. It’s my first nomination for this award. You both are doing a great job in your respective blogs. Do visit their blogs peeps. 

      Answers to questions by 

      1)  Name any five books, which are your favourites and why?

      I can’t just chose five as I love all the romantic novels. 

      2) What are your hobbies? 

      Writing, Reading tech news, Keep trying something new with my phone… 

      3) What do you like about blogging?

      I like everything about it. 

      4) What are your favourite quotations ? Quote any five.

      Now that’s a lot. I just have one.“You never know”

      5) Which is your favourite place in the world and why?

      Have no favourite place right now. I guess my hometown because that was where I was born and it will always be in my heart

      6) In which fitness mantra do you believe?

      I am a slim guy so I have no fitness mantra. 😂

      7) Which are your favourite periodicals or magazines- any five and why?

      I don’t read any magazines. 

      8) Which incident or a joke had you in peels of laughter?

      Don’t remember it exactly. Sorry. 😐

      9) Who are your favourite actors,actresses and film or films?

      Akshay Kumar, anushka sharma and favourites are a lot. Circling one of them is impossible. 

      10) Which sport do you enjoy playing and/ or watching?

      Cricket in watching and badminton in playing. 

      11) Name any five of your favourite dishes.

      Rajmah, Dumaloo, Kheer, Momos, etc, etc, etc Why you ask such questions.🙁🙁

      Answers to questions by

      Tell me the last time when you cried without a sensible reason!

      Have never cried without a sensible reason?

      I always cry when someone hits my heart. 

      You can survive without water but not without _____________________ (?)

      My family and She. 

      What’s your best post ever?

      I feel every post of mine is best as I put as much work into it as I can. 

      The one which was an amazing hit and you don’t think you’ll ever be able to beat that. It’s about your satisfaction, not the number of view and likes!

      The post titled “He was gone”. 

      When you reach heaven, and God asks you what good did you do on earth in these years, then what will be your answer?

      I loved a girl with pure heart, pulled her back from a deep well and never cheated on her. 

      What’s your catch phrase?Arrange these on the basis of your priority:- (The most important on the top)

      Eating, sleeping, writing, blogging, reading, work (whatever it is, job etc.), chit-chats.

      These days it’s like this – 

      Blogging, writing, work, reading, eating, sleeping, chit chats 

      Do you enjoy breaking rules?

      Depends on my mood

      Are you somebody whom we can call an ‘optimist’?

      Just in the matter of love. Nothing else.

      Who all will be invited to your dream party? (Superstars and all)

      Akshay Kumar and Anushka sharma. Don’t give heed to anyone else much.

      Have you ever wondered of meeting any blogger personally?

      Yes, I want to meet all of my fellow bloggers.

      Did you like the above questions? (Okay, you guessed right. I couldn’t think of more questions)

      Haha.. Yes loved the questions.

      Questions from me –

      1. Do you believe in love at first sight or believe that it’s a slow process? 
      2. Which Harry Potter character you want to be and why? 
      3. What is the most awkward thing you have done till now? 
      4. Introvert, extrovert or ambivert? 
      5. Are you a party buff? 
      6. What would you do if someone abruptly proposes you? 
      7. What’s your interpretation of love? 
      8. What do you think of my blog?

      Nominees are – 

        As per the rules :

        • You have to accept the award. 
        • You have to ackowledge the person who nominated you. 
        • Provide a link to that blogger’s blog.
        • Answer 11 questions asked by the person nominating you.State eleven random facts about yourself.
        • Nominate 11 bloggers for the Award.
        •  Ask 11 questions to the nominees.
        • Provide a link to the nominees’ blog.
        • Inform /Notify the Nominees about the Award. 

        P. S- Don’t worry about the rules. Even I have mended them. You can too. 😀

        Happy blogging. 

        Awards Galore

        Awards Galore

        ​Thank you for showing so much love. I am so grateful to all of you. I am mending some rules according to me. So, you too are free to mend some rules accordingly.

        Versatile blogger award 

        Thank you so much Sheryl and Catherine for nominating me for this award. 


        • Show the award on your blog.
        • Thank the person who nominated you.
        • Share seven (7) different facts about yourself.
        • Nominate fifteen (15) blogs of your choice.
        • Link your nominees.

        Facts about me –

        1. I am a Loveaholic. 
        2. I love sleeping. 
        3. I love writing as it’s my way to express feelings. 
        4. I am a lazy guy. 
        5. I am a nature lover. 
        6. I want to roam and experience new places. 
        7. I am a very romantic person.

        Nominees are –

        Sanskriti sharma

        Nisthur Anadi

        The insider 


        Blogger recognition award

        Thank you for nominating me for this award. You’re an amazing writer.

        Rules –

        • Post to show your followers the Award.
        • Briefly share the experience why you started your blog first.
        • Give a piece of advice to new bloggers.
        • Thank your nominator and provide a link to your nominator’s blog address.
        • Nominate 15 other bloggers.

        My Experience –

        I had no concrete thought of starting a blog. I took it casually because I thought there are others who are more talented than me and moreover I didn’t knew about blogging. I just took a chance and the journey started. 

        Advice –

        I am still sorta newbie. So, I will give you just one advice. 

        Don’t stop your thoughts. Start penning them down and arrange them later on.”

        Nominees are – 

        Sanskriti sharma 

        Nisthur anadi

        Sunshine Blogger Award 

        Thank you for nominating me for this award. You are such a nice person.

        Rules –

        • Thank the person that nominated you.
        • Answer the questions from your nominator.
        • Nominate fellow bloggers you follow.
        • Give them 10 questions to answer.

        Answers to the questions asked – 

        Who is your favorite musical artist and why? 

        It’s difficult to chose one because there are lots of them but I would still pick ‘Sonu nigam’ because his voice is so versatile, sweet and soothing.

        Give me a link to one of their best songs!

        Again a tuff one. I guess you should yourself search that out because everyone’s surreal.

        What’s your favorite food? Do you happen to have the recipe? If so, totally share it!

        My favourite is Red kidney beans. Sorry, I don’t have the recipe.

        What’s one funny/cool/random fact about yourself? We want to know!

        Everytime a song starts playing, I start singing it and synchronize with its lyrics. Then, I feel like I am the one singing the song. Haha. LoL.

        So your questions are – 

        1. Which Harry Potter character you want to be and you feel are? 
        2. What is your interpretation of love? 
        3. What do you think of my blog? 

        Nominees are – 

        Nisthur anadi 

        All the best… 

        3 Day Quote Challenge : Day 3

        3 Day Quote Challenge : Day 3

        So it’s the last day of the quote challenge. I loved it and I am amazed how it passed on so fast.

        For the last time, I am thanking Tanya Sahay for nominating for this challenge.

        Rules –

        • Three quote for three days.
        • Three nominees each day (no repetition).
        • Thank the person who nominated you.
        • Inform the nominees.

        Today’s quote is 

        Her eyes spoke a language only he could understand.

        Nominees are –

        Image credits –

        Real Neat Blog Award 

        Real Neat Blog Award 

        ​Thank you so much for nominating me for another award. Seems like I am on an award spree. 

        The rules of the Real Neat Blog Award written by the creator of this award are as follows. 
        (Feel free not to act upon them if you don’t have time or if you don’t accept awards)

        Rules – 

        1. Put the award logo on your blog.
        2. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
        3. Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.
        4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs. 
        5. Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc.)

        Answers to the questions –

        Where do most visits to your blog come from?

        India, US, Kenya… 

        What is your favourite sport?

        Don’t have an affinity for a particular sport.

        What has been a special moment for you so far in 2016?

        Don’t know. Yet to come I guess. 2016 till now hasn’t been a good year for me.

        What is your favourite quote?

        Not everyone in this world has the fate to cherish the fullest form of love.Some are born ,just to experience the abbreviation of it.

        What was your favourite class when still at school?

        Science till it didn’t bifurcated into 3 parts.

        Anything you had wished to have learned earlier?

        I wish I had started blogging earlier but then I guess it will happen when it has to happen.

        What musical instrument have you tried to play?

        Never tried to play anything.

        P.S – I am not gonna ask you anything. You can tell me something about you yourself if you are ok with that. Just one fact is enough. 

        People I am nominating are –  

        Awards Once Again

        ​So, I am again nominated for Sunshine blogger award and Versatile blogger award. Now, it’s my 2nd time being nominated for these two awards. 

        It’s really kind of for nominating me. I am thankful to her. She has an awesome blog going on. Do visit it so that you aren’t missing out on something great. She’s quite active here too. 

        I have changed some rules a bit to make it easier for you. 


        Rules to be followed – 

        Thank the person who nominated you.

        Share the award on your blog.

        Share seven random facts about yourself.

        Tag 10 followers with less than 1000 followers and let them know that they have been nominated.

        Seven random facts about me –

        I am an introvert although my blog would suggest otherwise. 

        I am a lazy person. 

        I love sleeping. 

        I love making people smile although recently I have tried not to do so. 

        I love to sing although my voice is really bad. 😐

        I fear water. 

        I am a guy if you had any suspicion. 😂

        You can share any number of facts and not necessarily 7.

        It depends on you how much followers you want to tag. 


        The rules – 

        Thank the person that nominated you.

        Answer the questions from your nominator.

        Nominate fellow bloggers you follow.

        Give them 10 questions to answer.

        Answers to questions asked – 

        What’s the one piece of advice you would give to your younger sibling?

        Don’t fear anyone and be bold.

        Are you satisfied with your current situation? Why or Why not?

        I am not currently satisfied with my situation because there’s a lot I have to achieve externally and internally.

        Religion or Spirituality. Which one would you choose and Why?

        Its a 50 – 50 situation for me. I think religion defines a person and that shouldn’t happen. Religion is like a rule while spirituality is like a belief. I would chose half from both of them because I feel I believe in both.

        What’s your take on LGBT rights and why?

        These rights should be there so that they can level up with the so called normal world.

        What was the best advice someone ever gave you and who was it?

        My mom always tells me to be patient and that’s the best advice.

        I would like to ask you 10 questions.

        Do you believe in love at first sight? 

        The best place you have visited? 

        Are you an emotional person? 

        What’s your interpretation of being in love?

        Do you like reading novels? If yes, then of what genres? 

        Are you an introvert, extrovert or ambivert person? 

        Given a chance of going away in the dark sky to explore the universe or going deep down inside the ocean, what would you choose?

        What’s your take on inter caste marriages? Acceptable or Not?

        What inspires or pushes you to write?

        What do you think of my blog posts and writing style? (Sorry for being selfish😁)

        Combined nomination list for both the awards – 

        P.S – I try to nominate as much persons as I can so that I can know more about them.

        Image credits – Brew minaries

        Sunshine Blogger Award 

        Sunshine Blogger Award 

        I am really thankful to Moushmi Radhanpara for nominating me for my 3rd award. For me the name of this award means the one that brings light into others life and I hope that it is true that my posts bring something new and lively. 

        Moushmi Radhanpara calls herself a newbie in blogging world but her posts suggest otherwise. 😉 You should checkout her blog. It’s great. 🙂

        ​The rules – 

        1. Thank the person that nominated you.
        2. Answer the questions from your nominator.
        3. Nominate fellow bloggers you follow.
        4. Give them 10 questions to answer

        Answer to the questions asked by the nomination – 

        What made you start writing on wordpress?
        I don’t know how to answer it. I found WordPress app on Play store by chance and then I searched about WordPress. I thought it was a nice way to share what I have written so far. I had written a lot of thoughts, stories just for one person who isn’t in my life now. So I am just posting those stories written earlier on wordpress. 

        Where do you get your inspiration from?

        I get my inspiration from my life. The recent heartbreak has unleashed a tsunami of emotions in me and I am trying to give them the right direction. That’s the thing pushing me to write. 

        What would be your favourite TV show?

        Right now, Hmm.. Its “Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi” that airs on Sony channel at 9.30 pm IST.


        Reading tech news and writing.

        Your favourite book of all time?

        I too had a love story by Ravinder singh.

        Your favourite quote or saying or even a proverb?

        Not everyone in this world has the fate to cherish the fullest form of love.Some are born ,just to experience the abbreviation of it.

        Life mantra?

        I don’t think I am in a state to give any life mantra when I still don’t know how to deal with my life but still I would say Hmm… Just let everything flow naturally… 

        Now the questions which I want to ask the ones I am nominating. 

        1. Are you an emotional person? 
        2. What’s your interpretation of being in love? 
        3. Do you believe in love? 
        4. Do you like reading novels? If yes, then of what genre? 
        5. Which one of the following is better – Facebook or WordPress? 
        6. Are you an introvert, extrovert or ambivert person? 
        7. Given a chance of going away in the dark sky to explore the universe or going deep down inside the ocean, what would you choose? 
        8. What’s your take on inter caste marriages? Acceptable or Not? 
        9. What inspires or pushes you to write? 
        10. Bonus question –  What do you think of my writing style and posts? 

        The persons I am nominating are listed below –  

        P.S – All the questions I have asked are a way for me to know a bit more about you. As you can see, the questions are haphazardly asked. They just came into my mind and I penned them down. 

        P.P.S – Also, all those I have nominated, you all are great and it doesn’t mean that the ones I have not nominated aren’t great. I have nominated only those who are actively participating in blogging. 😉