Ten Years Later

Ten years later, their roads crossed once again in a coffee shop. They both wanted to talk but could say nothing. They just smiled at each other as their memories flashed in their minds. That day came to their mind when they had to part away, they lost a part of their hearts to each other … Continue reading Ten Years Later

Black Money

His lofty greed to collect the black money by not paying tax took him nowhere as his cash was rendered useless the night of 8 November. P.S - Responding to a daily prompt after long time and what a way to respond, isn't it? 😀 via Daily Prompt: Lofty

Sincere Feelings 

​I never wanted to leave you cause I know you're the best thing happened to me...  I am so sincerely devoted to you and the love I have for you... I wanted to marry you and get old with you... I never wanted to have such a pious relationship get broken down because of society … Continue reading Sincere Feelings 

Tiny Hope

The tiny bit of hope he had from her died the moment he listened the truth from her mouth. via Daily Prompt: Tiny P.S - This is the shortest ever I have written. Hope you aren't getting bored of my posts as all of them are more or less on the same topic. 🙂

Millions Cried

She returned the notebook to him which was filled with the stories he had written citing the reason that she is going to be someone else's but those stories got published by chance and it made millions cry. via Daily Prompt: Millions

Waiting For Her

He kept waiting in the hope that someday she will gather courage from all his motivational talks to reveal their relationship to her parents but instead, she gave up without even trying once and left him. P.S - It's like the summary of my relationship. 🙂  via Daily Prompt: Waiting

Blind Trust 

Her fabricated truth was always visible to everyone but him because his true love for her always made him trust blindly on her.  Via daily prompt - Trust P.S - I know my activity here has dropped considerably. I'm particularly not in my greatest mood these days and don't want to write or do anything. I … Continue reading Blind Trust 


She took his flattery as genuine care which was the biggest mistake she committed and when she got to know the harsh truth, the outcome was she stopped believing on everyone. via Daily Prompt: Flattery

Tried To Be Careful

After that one instance, he always tried to be careful because that one instance had robbed him of his feelings, made him mean and broke him so much that he feared love. via Daily Prompt: Careful

She Broke His Heart

Their love knew no borders until the caste came in between which infused her with fear and she refused to take their relationship ahead shattering his heart and his belief in love. via Daily Prompt: Border Image credits - Wall