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​किसी ने पूछा कभी इश्क हुआ था,

हम मुस्कुरा के बोले “आज भी है”…!! ❤❤

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Passionate Moment 

Passionate Moment 

His head rested on her lap as she moved her hands through his hairs. She loved doing so. It gave her peace and happiness to do so. He too enjoyed it as he felt like a small baby whenever she did it. His eyes were closed while her eyes were stuck on his face. 

She smiled looking at his face as she thought of all the memories they had shared till now. She thanked her destiny for introducing him in her life and making him such an important part of her life. Their journey of togetherness wasn’t a smooth sailing one but they never parted their ways. They always fought against whatever came their way and that too together. 

She felt her love for him overflowing as she came closer to his face. He sensed her warm breath over his face and knew what she up to. He kept his eyes closed while she kept looking at his face as she kept getting her face closer to his face. 

As their lips were just a few centimeters apart, she didn’t go ahead to tease him. He couldn’t hold himself back anymore as he got her head a bit up and their lips met. 

They kissed passionately and savoured every bit of each other’s lips. 

Love Over The Phone 

Love Over The Phone 

So, for all those who wanted me to post happy love dovey stories. Here, it is. I am back with love filled and sensual stories. Enjoy. 

​As the thundering started, her sleep got disturbed and she got awake in the middle of the night. She feared the lightning and the sound accompanied with it. With eyes wide open, she looked around in her room that was completely dark. Instead of going to her parents like she would do when younger, she now had someone else to depend on. She reached out for her phone and looked at his whatsapp profile picture. The last seen was some 2 hours ago. The fear was growing on her and she had to do something. She didn’t want to call him and disturb his sleep but suddenly, his call came. She was shocked to see that he was calling her. She picked up the call. 

“My baby’s scared, isn’t it?” he asked in sleepy tone 

“Yes, I am but weren’t you sleeping?’ she whispered 

“I know that my baby fears thunder and lightning na. That’s why I called you.” he answered 

She smiled at the care he was showing. He blowed a kiss through the phone and she blushed. He was trying to make her comfortable. 

“Stop doing that and by the way, I never thought you sounded so sexy in a sleepy voice.” she whispered again

This time it was he who blushed. 

“So, what now?” he asked 

“Now you’re going to sleep and nothing else. I’m fine now.” she said 

“But.. ” 

She interrupted him in between. 

“Shhh. Be a good boy and go to sleep now.” 

“Hmm.. Ok.” he sounded low 

“I love you.” she spoke very softly  

He got goosebumps and he took a deep breath. She heard him taking a deep breath.

“Bas han. Let me go now. I love you too. Bye. Good night.” he replied 

“Where are you going now?” she asked 

“Arey, you told me to sleep na. So, I am just obeying like a good boy.” he answered 

“I don’t want you to sleep now.” she said 

“Then?” he asked as he got an idea of what was going to happen next 

She didn’t replied for a few seconds as she felt shy because  she had never been the one to initiate. That night was different though as she decided to be the initiator. 

“Love me right now.” she said sensually enough for him to lose his senses and go for it. 

That night, they made love over phone for the first time and crossed the limits, they hadn’t previously. 

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Valentine Week Special 

Valentine Week Special 

With their all time favourite song from the movie Fifty shades of gray going on in background and their eyes locked with each other,  the temperatures started soaring in the midst of a cold January night. 

They hugged each other as their hands scuffed against each other clothes on the back. The intensity of the hug soon paved the way for a passionate kiss that melted their hearts. With lips entwined together and breath mixed up, the warmth generated in their bodies was too much for them to handle as the clothes left their bodies. The naked souls were shy but they wanted each other so much that it easily overcome that shyness. 

That night became their longest one as their souls merged on a physical level. 

P.S – I know I haven’t been active here for a long now but completing the first draft has took up so much of my energy that I didn’t want to read anything. I will try to read the posts I’ve missed. Just comment here. 😉

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Different Love 

Different Love 

First of all, Merry Christmas to all of you… 

Enjoy the holiday season and keep smiling… 

Well, I am back with an unusual love story.I know I said that I won’t be able to write a love story but it’s just flowing out naturally. I am just posting a snippet here from the story. I intend to do something bigger. Hope this new year, I will finally be able to write a complete fictional love story and dream of publishing it. That’s a lot of hope. 😉

“Which sane person would bring diary to a beach party?” she thought to herself and bended to pick it up

She looked around but there weren’t many persons present. Moreover, no one seemed to be giving any heed to what she was doing. She had literally forgotten of her conversation with Puneet and she had even forgotten him because she met so many people after him. She opened up the diary and the name of the person to whom this diary belonged was written in a beautiful cursive font “Puneet”.

“Well, that’s a nice handwriting and name.” She said to herself 

She felt like she had heard this name recently. She put some more pressure on her mind and instantly got reminded of everything.

“Oh, that weird writer guy.” She blurted out immediately as she found herself dumbstruck

My Quotes 

My Quotes 

So, I have started writing quotes and snippets also.😀

  • The moment he accepted the pain it stopped hurting him.
  • She fell in love not with his words but the pain behind his words.
  • Everyone appreciated his writing skills while he wanted someone to understand the pain that made him write. 

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Love And Coffee 

Love And Coffee 

​As the two of them looked in the distant horizon, their cups of hot coffee lay on the table in front of them with vapors originating from it. 

“So, why did you blocked her from every social networking site?” his friend asked 

He looked at him and tried to make a fake answer in his mind but couldn’t. 

“For her own good.” he replied with a half hearted smile 

“How’s giving her pain good for her? I fail to see it. Sorry, but you aren’t doing the right thing by blocking her from everywhere and trying to be rude with her.” his friend shot his honest opinion

He knew everyone would take his actions in a negative way and hold him guilty but he was happy to be guilty in everyone’s eyes. He was broken from inside but for outer world, he was the most happiest person of this world. He was so good at faking emotions that sometimes even he doubted himself about whether he is happy or sad. 

“I did this because I had no other option. I tried to be rude with her thinking that she will hate me but she still cared enormously for me. It hurt me more to talk like that with her. Everytime I tried to talk softly with her, my anger overtook my senses and that resulted in me talking more rudely with her. One of us had to take the step so that we can move on in our respective lives and unfortunately, it was me who took the step. Well, I know it will help her. It’s hard to accept but it’s the only option.” he replied with a face that was happy yet filled with sadness 

His friend was rendered speechless and he could clearly see it. 

“Arey, don’t be so emotional. It’s life. We have to move on. It’s the acceptance that matters. The moment you accept the truth, the pain vanishes. Now, let’s finish our coffee.” he added

And they emptied their cups in silence. He made his friend understood what true love really is. 

It’s all about accepting the pain for the one you love and taking decisions which may give others the impression that your love wasn’t true.

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