I haven't written this but found it somewhere on Facebook and it just made me smile.  ​किसी ने पूछा कभी इश्क हुआ था, हम मुस्कुरा के बोले "आज भी है"...!! ❤❤ Image credits - Wall

Passionate Moment 

His head rested on her lap as she moved her hands through his hairs. She loved doing so. It gave her peace and happiness to do so. He too enjoyed it as he felt like a small baby whenever she did it. His eyes were closed while her eyes were stuck on his face.  She … Continue reading Passionate Moment 

Love Over The Phone 

So, for all those who wanted me to post happy love dovey stories. Here, it is. I am back with love filled and sensual stories. Enjoy.  ​As the thundering started, her sleep got disturbed and she got awake in the middle of the night. She feared the lightning and the sound accompanied with it. With … Continue reading Love Over The Phone 

Valentine Week Special 

With their all time favourite song from the movie Fifty shades of gray going on in background and their eyes locked with each other,  the temperatures started soaring in the midst of a cold January night.  They hugged each other as their hands scuffed against each other clothes on the back. The intensity of the … Continue reading Valentine Week Special 

Different Love 

First of all, Merry Christmas to all of you...  Enjoy the holiday season and keep smiling...  Well, I am back with an unusual love story.I know I said that I won't be able to write a love story but it's just flowing out naturally. I am just posting a snippet here from the story. I … Continue reading Different Love 

Love And Coffee 

​As the two of them looked in the distant horizon, their cups of hot coffee lay on the table in front of them with vapors originating from it.  "So, why did you blocked her from every social networking site?" his friend asked  He looked at him and tried to make a fake answer in his … Continue reading Love And Coffee 

This One’s For You 

This one's for you and only you, Fragrance. Your name suits you perfectly. "Baby, I still remember the first time we hugged. I can never forget that close moment between us. My heart just raced so fast when we were in embrace. I still remember the first time I held your hand under table while … Continue reading This One’s For You 

His Eyes

"I'm really sorry." she said as she collided with him on the road  She was busy with typing something on her phone and this was the reason of her colliding with him. She looked into his eyes and felt something different because usually, she could easily read anyone's eyes but this wasn't the case this … Continue reading His Eyes

Her Last Words 

He was sad that she was leaving him. He understood completely the reason behind this decision of hers. She knew exactly how he was feeling. She came close to him and he looked into her eyes. His deep dark brown eyes seemed mostly black and she was absolutely in love with his eyes. She could … Continue reading Her Last Words