His Eyes

"I'm really sorry." she said as she collided with him on the road  She was busy with typing something on her phone and this was the reason of her colliding with him. She looked into his eyes and felt something different because usually, she could easily read anyone's eyes but this wasn't the case this … Continue reading His Eyes

Her Last Words 

He was sad that she was leaving him. He understood completely the reason behind this decision of hers. She knew exactly how he was feeling. She came close to him and he looked into her eyes. His deep dark brown eyes seemed mostly black and she was absolutely in love with his eyes. She could … Continue reading Her Last Words 

Let’s Talk – Part 2

I wanted to ask everyone "What do you think of my blog theme?" I also wanted to ask everyone "What's your reason behind choosing your current theme if any?" My previous blog theme was predominantly white in colour while now I have changed to black. Also, there's a change in theme other than colours. The … Continue reading Let’s Talk – Part 2