Tiny Hope

The tiny bit of hope he had from her died the moment he listened the truth from her mouth. via Daily Prompt: Tiny P.S - This is the shortest ever I have written. Hope you aren't getting bored of my posts as all of them are more or less on the same topic. 🙂

Her Subdued Love

He cherished even her subdued love and that was the best part of their relationship. P.S - No matter how much the love is, it has to be cherished. via Daily Prompt: Subdued


She took his flattery as genuine care which was the biggest mistake she committed and when she got to know the harsh truth, the outcome was she stopped believing on everyone. via Daily Prompt: Flattery

Tried To Be Careful

After that one instance, he always tried to be careful because that one instance had robbed him of his feelings, made him mean and broke him so much that he feared love. via Daily Prompt: Careful

She Broke His Heart

Their love knew no borders until the caste came in between which infused her with fear and she refused to take their relationship ahead shattering his heart and his belief in love. via Daily Prompt: Border Image credits - Wall  

That Old Tree

That old tree fortunately, had seen the beautiful beginning of many relationships  but unfortunately, had also seen the harsh endings of a lot of relationships.  Image credits - Wallpapers  

If Only

Their relationship would have seen the light of day if she had shown a bit of daring before her parents and told them about the one she loved but unfortunately she didn't and another love story failed to attain the married status. P.S - With this post, I am thanking poemsbyarti.wordpress.com and talentisunbelievable.wordpress.com for nominating me for SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD.  P.P.S … Continue reading If Only

She Pretended, He Didn’t 

He loved her with all he had while she pretended to love him with all she had. The day he understood the difference, another relationship ceased to exist.  Daily prompt - Pretend Image credits - Click here

Perplexed Life

I have tried something different today. Just written one line to tell you a story incorporating the Daily prompt word.  ​He was the only thing missing from her Perplexed life just like a missing piece of the puzzle.  Image credits - Blogspot

We all are Expert 

So today's daily prompt word is Expert  So the question arises "What does EXPERT means?" According to Google, a person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area.  So all in all it means that yes we can be expert but only in a particular area. We are humans and thus we can’t … Continue reading We all are Expert