Thank “YOU” 

​You must be wondering why have I written the word you in capitals and double quotes.  That's because this post is specially dedicated to all of you.  I have crossed the 1000 likes barrier on my blog yesterday. It's been a wonderful journey so far and I don't want to leave WordPress ever.  I have … Continue reading Thank “YOU” 

Century Crossed 

​Hey, everyone.  Now a century here doesn't mean that "100 years" one but the one used in cricketing world.  A big thanks to everyone. I am grateful to all you people for following my blog and sharing the feedback about my posts via comments.  I have amassed 100 followers in a short span of time.  … Continue reading Century Crossed 

Thank You

​Hi to all the followers of my blog.  Thank you for being there and taking out the precious time from your lives to read my posts. It's not that I just comment on your posts or like them just for the sake of doing it. I literally love your posts and I take inspiration from … Continue reading Thank You