The Everyday Battle 

​As he stood in the balcony with his right hand on the black colored iron fence and a burning cigarette in the fingers of his left hand, his mind and heart battled each other. The night sky devoid of the moon complemented his conditions rather painfully.  His heart still felt the love for her strongly … Continue reading The Everyday Battle 

This One’s For You 

This one's for you and only you, Fragrance. Your name suits you perfectly. "Baby, I still remember the first time we hugged. I can never forget that close moment between us. My heart just raced so fast when we were in embrace. I still remember the first time I held your hand under table while … Continue reading This One’s For You 

His Last Words

She sat there in front of the mirror seeing her reflection. It was his birthday today. She still remembered it. His last words echoed in her mind. “You are leaving me for such a silly reason. I tried my best. I gave you all my love. I never betrayed you but now what you have … Continue reading His Last Words