Real Feelings – Part 5

​You know diary,  There are times when we are so vulnerable and weak.  There are times when that special person is gone from our life on whom we were so dependent and without whom we couldn't think of living our life.  There are times when we desperately want someone to understand us and to love … Continue reading Real Feelings – Part 5

He Doesn’t Give A Damn

It was her first day at the university and like every fresher, she was a bit nervous too. She had myriad of thoughts in her mind about what to wear but at last she zeroed on a pair of jeggings and top. Yeah, she was an urban chick right from her fashion to her thinking. … Continue reading He Doesn’t Give A Damn

Her Subdued Love

He cherished even her subdued love and that was the best part of their relationship. P.S - No matter how much the love is, it has to be cherished. via Daily Prompt: Subdued

Passed Every Test

Their relationship passed every test with flying colours, for their determination to be together was strong enough to fend such tests off.  Image credits - lovewallpapers