This One’s For You 

This one's for you and only you, Fragrance. Your name suits you perfectly. "Baby, I still remember the first time we hugged. I can never forget that close moment between us. My heart just raced so fast when we were in embrace. I still remember the first time I held your hand under table while … Continue reading This One’s For You 

Scorpio – The Most Powerful Sign ? 

I being a Scorpion and a believer of astrology (not the one who checks the next day predictions but believer of the negative and positive traits of a particular sun sign) is sharing below some info regarding the Scorpion sun sign.  Scorpios are intense and mysterious (complex and private). This combination is usually seen as … Continue reading Scorpio – The Most Powerful Sign ? 

It’s Love

When you want to see them happy without caring about your happiness, it's love.  When you love their flaws and don't judge them on that, it's love.  When you feel complete when around them, it's love.  When you want the time to just stop while you are with them, it's love.  When just holding their … Continue reading It’s Love