Waiting For Her

He kept waiting in the hope that someday she will gather courage from all his motivational talks to reveal their relationship to her parents but instead, she gave up without even trying once and left him. P.S - It's like the summary of my relationship. 🙂  via Daily Prompt: Waiting

Her Subdued Love

He cherished even her subdued love and that was the best part of their relationship. P.S - No matter how much the love is, it has to be cherished. via Daily Prompt: Subdued

Tried To Be Careful

After that one instance, he always tried to be careful because that one instance had robbed him of his feelings, made him mean and broke him so much that he feared love. via Daily Prompt: Careful

She Broke His Heart

Their love knew no borders until the caste came in between which infused her with fear and she refused to take their relationship ahead shattering his heart and his belief in love. via Daily Prompt: Border Image credits - Wall  

Passed Every Test

Their relationship passed every test with flying colours, for their determination to be together was strong enough to fend such tests off.  Image credits - lovewallpapers

Dilemma Ended 

Her dilemma about their relationship's future ended, with him going down on one knee and proposing to her for a lifetime of togetherness.  P.S - Thank you pouring so much love for my one liners. I am so grateful to all of you. 😊 Image  credits - Mensxp

Let’s Talk

This post is just because I want to know about you all a bit more.  So, let's start knowing each other a bit if you are comfortable enough.  Otherwise, it's fine. You can tell me just your name too. 😊  So those who want to have a convo, comment on the post and I will … Continue reading Let’s Talk

She Pretended, He Didn’t 

He loved her with all he had while she pretended to love him with all she had. The day he understood the difference, another relationship ceased to exist.  Daily prompt - Pretend Image credits - Click here

She Panicked 

She panicked as the cab driver halted the car in the middle of road at night. Next day, she became a headline.  Today's word - Panic P.S - radhikagaur.wordpress.com nominated me for a quote challenge. I have already completed it but still for honoring the nomination and her,  I am tagging her in my daily one liner stories. … Continue reading She Panicked 

Generous Nature Gone Wrong 

Being generous was her nature but little did she knew that this quality of her would go against her and inflict an inrepairable damage on her soul and body. P.S - I am loving this style of using daily prompts in a single sentence to tell you something. Do tell me your views about it?  Image credits … Continue reading Generous Nature Gone Wrong