Love – The Real Meaning 

So, what really love is amid all the fake things things happening in the world?  People these days have made mockery of love. Saying "I love you" has become a normal thing. Most of the times love is used as a thing to get laid and that's it.  Saying "I love you" to someone doesn't … Continue reading Love – The Real Meaning 

Different Love 

First of all, Merry Christmas to all of you...  Enjoy the holiday season and keep smiling...  Well, I am back with an unusual love story.I know I said that I won't be able to write a love story but it's just flowing out naturally. I am just posting a snippet here from the story. I … Continue reading Different Love 

Let’s Talk – Part 2

I wanted to ask everyone "What do you think of my blog theme?" I also wanted to ask everyone "What's your reason behind choosing your current theme if any?" My previous blog theme was predominantly white in colour while now I have changed to black. Also, there's a change in theme other than colours. The … Continue reading Let’s Talk – Part 2

Real Feelings – Part 4

​Dear diary,  You know I am so stuck in my life right now that I don't know what's happening. Like some people have decided something to do and have made in their mind that either this happens or that happens. Hell, I don't know anything. I don't even have an idea. My life seems directionless. … Continue reading Real Feelings – Part 4