Unsaid Feelings Of A Guy

Here I am watching her from a distance. I came here with our common best friend, Ujual and told him go meet her. I know she would enquire about me and so I told Ujual to tell her that I couldn’t come because of an urgent office work. I also told Ujual to give her blessings from my side. He forced me a lot to meet her but I didn’t wanted her to see my face. At last, he accepted and left with a heavy heart. 

It’s her marriage today. A new phase of life is going to start for her. Yes I loved her and I still love her but the twist is, she is getting married to some other guy. She too loves me and I know it. Her parents didn’t accepted our love because they didn’t believe in love. 

She would always tell me to not keep any hope of our future and I would smile. I would smile because I wouldn’t have anything to say. My hope never died till today. Today I got to know that whatever God has written in our fate is bound to happen. 
She told me to never leave her and I promised her the same. I still have kept her promise as I am still around her. All these years I have been always by her side but it seems she is leaving me alone now but then I remember that it was I who promised to never leave her alone. She never promised to not  leave me because both of us knew about our relationship’s future. She has done nothing wrong with me.

I still remember that I hurt her numerous times but she never left me. I still remember she would buy expensive gifts for me and I would scold her for it but then I had to accept it seeing her innocent face. I still remember how she made puppy like face and then I would pull her cheeks. I still remember our late night Whatsapp chats that brought us more close to each other. I still remember I shared each and everything with her. I still remember her sweet smile that would change my bad mood into good instantly. I still remember her kohl laced eyes that would talk more than her. I still remember our silly talks. I still remember how she would correct my mistakes in english. I still remember our first kiss.  
I always dreamt of marrying her in this wedding outfit but dreams are meant to be just dreams.

I am not angry with her. She has done nothing wrong by marrying some other guy. She never promised to marry me and I have to accept it. Maybe her parents have chosen the right guy for her or maybe not I don’t know. She just made me promise one thing that after her marriage I too would get married but I have to break this promise cause I can’t destroy another girl’s life just for the sake of my marriage. 
Ujual came in between the marriage ceremony to me and I told him that I can’t bear being here anymore. He understood my pain and we left that place in my car….
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Image credits – You’re my world

24 thoughts on “Unsaid Feelings Of A Guy

  1. If she would be reading this she would be correcting your errors, I guess? (Sorry, That was just to lighten the mood)
    I know nothing can take away this sorrow but one day, one fine day everything would be fine. it wouldn’t be sudden but it will be.

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  2. if she told him there is no future then why it even started ? should not he have left her ? and also that promise to marry someone is so selfish as well as her saying no


    1. Sometimes what is said and what we want to do are miles different. Sometimes we want to leave a person for both’s happiness but heart doesn’t allow that.
      Regarding marrying someone else, maybe she wanted to see him happy by seeing him with some other girl.

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      1. if she wanted him happy she would now his happiness in her but she did not wanted him happy she was just selfish wanted and cared for herself and even if she left him she had no right to say that to him i think this is the worst thing you could say to someone you leave cause that person loves you only you and when you tell them to go have someone else and be happy its not a child play so i think people should not say that , as she made that decision of her future so do let him do what he want and make his decisions and sometimes we make an illusion about what will make the other person happy when its not truth you do not know what will let him or her happy only that person know so should not make decisions alone when in a relationship and if do then it will only be excuses that its for there happiness and also if we know the end will be parting then the starting is useless we should not start with seeing no future and if we start we should complete the seen picture and if we are not able to to then take time and make another picture but that should be yours only and have what you want in it

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