The Only Playlist

Feeling indifferent to the world and the society, he had lost his interest in everything. His heart was devoid of the emotions that make a human being lively. His eyes had long lost the shine. His infectious energy had died and he had restricted himself against even his own feelings. Sitting on the window seat … Continue reading The Only Playlist

The Show 

​"Akhil... Akhil... Akhil..."   The crowd chanted his name in unison as he came forward on the stage. The girls and boys were all going gaga to listen to his voice. Both happy and crying faces were visible.  There was madness everywhere around but an unusual silence inside him. A silence that can easily make … Continue reading The Show 

His Untold Feelings 

​“If you love someone, you never say such harsh words to them. I loved you so much and what you did. You just thought about yourself. You thought that it was only you who loved. You words broke my heart into millions of pieces. I won’t be able to love anyone else now. The feelings I had for you … Continue reading His Untold Feelings 

The Everyday Battle 

​As he stood in the balcony with his right hand on the black colored iron fence and a burning cigarette in the fingers of his left hand, his mind and heart battled each other. The night sky devoid of the moon complemented his conditions rather painfully.  His heart still felt the love for her strongly … Continue reading The Everyday Battle 

Blade and Wrist

A blade in the left hand just inches above the wrist of his right arm. His trembling body clearly showed the fight that was going on inside him. The fight between the good and the bad side. The fight that was going to decide what would happen next. The neurons in his brain were busy in processing … Continue reading Blade and Wrist

Her Feelings 

​I know it pains him more than me to live all alone on his own without anyone to share his feelings with. I love him so much. I can't live without him but I know we can never be together. Why isn't he accepting this and moving on? I know it's more easy to say … Continue reading Her Feelings 

One Sided Love

She was looking absolutely ravishing in her heavily embroidered golden lehnga. Her happiness was unbounding. She was surrounded by her female friends who were lavishing her with compliments on her beauty but she still felt like something was missing. She was missing her best friend, Ayan. She had informed him about her marriage and he … Continue reading One Sided Love

Everyday’s Same For Him

​"Mom, look how beautiful the houses look." he said with gleaming eyes full of unsaid dreams "Yeah, son. They are." she said  "Where are we going mom?" he said  "We are going to buy utensils as it's Dhanteras." she said looking at him with a smile And he was more than happy to know that … Continue reading Everyday’s Same For Him

Painful Feelings

"You know, my life has become hell. I don't know how to live due to your absence from my life. We loved each other so much. You always told me to not keep any hope of our future but still then, I couldn't leave you and it's just because I loved you so much. I … Continue reading Painful Feelings

Three Years Ago

Three years ago, on this night, between 2 and 3 am, on whatsapp, everyone around us in deep sleep.... A love story was going to born... She: Puneet, I want to ask you one question. Do answer me truly. I: Yes, Ask. She: Do you love me? I: What? She: You didn't read properly. I: … Continue reading Three Years Ago