It All Started At The Beach

I have been away from WordPress for long and now I have come back to let all of you know about something. My debut novel got published. I just hope that some of you may buy it and perhaps review it. Let me know what's on your mind. Amazon link - Amazon Link Publisher's store … Continue reading It All Started At The Beach

The Only Playlist

Feeling indifferent to the world and the society, he had lost his interest in everything. His heart was devoid of the emotions that make a human being lively. His eyes had long lost the shine. His infectious energy had died and he had restricted himself against even his own feelings. Sitting on the window seat … Continue reading The Only Playlist


Has anyone of you ever felt like you have so much to express and write but the moment you try to pen it down, the words seem to vanish right there. You don't find right words to express your feelings and with time, it grows on you. With time, you seem to be losing the … Continue reading Ummm….

I Want You 

As he held her right hand and pulled her towards him with a force, she seemed visibly shocked.  "What are you doing?" she asked as their eyes met He didn't say anything as his hands traced their way to her curvy back. She could feel his hand's warmth through her top's fabric. No words escaped … Continue reading I Want You 

Love – The Real Meaning 

So, what really love is amid all the fake things things happening in the world?  People these days have made mockery of love. Saying "I love you" has become a normal thing. Most of the times love is used as a thing to get laid and that's it.  Saying "I love you" to someone doesn't … Continue reading Love – The Real Meaning 

Musing Of A Guy

As my gaze gets locked to the black sky, the thought of love being absent from my life sprung up. I can't digest the fact even after all these months that I have lost the one I loved and that I can't have her in my life. My eyes get filled with tears everytime this … Continue reading Musing Of A Guy

Nationalism Vs Anti Nationalism

Disclaimer - These are purely my thoughts and I strongly believe on them. Yours may differ and again, I may or may not agree with your views. So, surge ahead with caution. Exactly, one year ago. Jawaharlal National University or JNU which is in Delhi witnessed something new. Some slogans were raised which were about … Continue reading Nationalism Vs Anti Nationalism


I haven't written this but found it somewhere on Facebook and it just made me smile.  ​किसी ने पूछा कभी इश्क हुआ था, हम मुस्कुरा के बोले "आज भी है"...!! ❤❤ Image credits - Wall

Passionate Moment 

His head rested on her lap as she moved her hands through his hairs. She loved doing so. It gave her peace and happiness to do so. He too enjoyed it as he felt like a small baby whenever she did it. His eyes were closed while her eyes were stuck on his face.  She … Continue reading Passionate Moment 

Love Over The Phone 

So, for all those who wanted me to post happy love dovey stories. Here, it is. I am back with love filled and sensual stories. Enjoy.  ​As the thundering started, her sleep got disturbed and she got awake in the middle of the night. She feared the lightning and the sound accompanied with it. With … Continue reading Love Over The Phone