Aloneness Vs Loneliness

First of all, I would like to thank Harsh for suggesting and particularly giving me this topic to write on.

I had a bit of idea about what both these terms mean and when I searched them on Google, I was pretty right about my thoughts. I have tried my best to summarize the two words.

Aloneness is related to ourselves while Loneliness is related to other person.

Aloneness is a positive thing while Loneliness is a negative thing.

Aloneness is a way to enjoy ourselves. For me, it means to be at peace with the calmness around because not everyone is comfortable with silence and calmness. It can be used to introspect ourselves. It is a perfectly happy state. When a person is alone, he can tune himself much better according to the world. When a person is alone, he can think better. While you are alone, you don’t feel the need of anyone’s presence in your life.

Loneliness is a void which is felt when someone leaves our life. When we get so much accustomed to someone’s presence in our life that when they leave, we don’t know what to do. We become sad. That is what loneliness is. It is because of the other person. When you feel lonely, you long for someone’s presence in your life. You can go into depression because of loneliness.

I have understood it in a hard way and that too just recently. These days I am like I don’t want anyone to disturb me. I don’t want anyone disturb my inner peace. I run away from places where there is a lot of noise.

When alone, you can spend whole day on your own without feeling restless.

When lonely, you can’t spend whole day on your own without feeling restless.

P.S – I am open to suggestions about writing on a particular thing. Do share what you new want to see from me. 😉

55 thoughts on “Aloneness Vs Loneliness

  1. Wow Bhaiya, it was so nicely written.
    You really differentiated them in a nice manner.
    Aloneness and loneliness both appear like a same term but they are not at all same. I am really glad you conveyed this message so beautifully…

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        1. Actually, Harsh wanted me to write on this topic and that’s why I wrote it. I want all of you to suggest me something to write upon. Its sort of a challenge and I like it. 😀

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