​That one moment pushed him into being something which he himself feared. He always wanted to be the good guy. 

The darkness overtook him. His eyes exuded that darkness. Those cold look in his eyes. He could just kill someone with that look only. 

A war was going on inside him every second between his good and bad side but everytime his bad side won because there was no one to hold his hand and give him that strength to face it. 

The world was totally unknown of this fight that was going on inside him. They failed to understand why he’s behaving like this. They were just ashamed of his behaviour and thoughts. 

He was totally confused about what was happening to his thoughts. With every passing second, his mind was going off the track. He was feeling way more than he could think.

He had become a true heartless person. 


25 thoughts on “Darkness Personified 

  1. Everything has both good and bad sides to it. But overcoming the bad side and being positive at all times is the actual task. One who fails in that task turns into a heartless person . Great post Puneet 🙂

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