Has anyone of you ever felt like you have so much to express and write but the moment you try to pen it down, the words seem to vanish right there. You don’t find right words to express your feelings and with time, it grows on you. With time, you seem to be losing the ability to pen down your feelings. You seem to be losing the ability to play with words. 

Maybe it has to do something with the life happenings of a person or maybe not. 

And now let’s talk about life. Is it only me or some of you also who make plans for future in their mind? 

Like plotting the way of your life about how it will unfold in future and that seems to raise your hope. You start feeling good and happy but then as the life moves ahead, all your plans which you made in mind shatter. Nothing seems to be happening your way and suddenly, you feel that nothing’s ever gonna go your way. It hurts and it hurts more when you see other’s plan for their future going just as they thought. You’re like “What wrong did i do?”. 

You start losing hope. 

What irks you more is when someone comes and say “Everything will be fine in future”. 

You’re like “Hell, no. Nothing good is happening right now. Nothing’s going in my favour. So, how the hell everything is gonna be fine?”. 

You start to fear planning. It all becomes a chaos and you seem to stuck in it. The more you fight, the more hectic it becomes. 

And then a moment comes when you realise that life is going to work its own way. Your plans don’t hold any importance. The energy seems to be depleted. 

And you let the life take you wherever it wants you to. 

P.S – Didn’t know what to put as a title. Maybe you will find it a negative piece of writing. Don’t know. 


17 thoughts on “Ummm….

  1. Personally, I would consider myself extremely guilty of “fear planning”; everyone thinks about the future, but some people, don’t ask me how, are able to only focus on the positives. Negative thoughts pile on top of each other and you start to lose grip on everything, and ignore the positives, even when you’re trying not to. This was a very thought-provoking post, and I don’t think it’s too negative; perhaps it’s just thoughtful. Thanks for sharing – very interesting! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. All I know is… Where there’s a will, there’s a way! I know sometimes you get blank…you don’t know at all what you are doing but there’s always a little ray of sunshine in the darkness that helps you get out of it….

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  3. My fears are sorta different. When I plan things in my head and they work out well, then I become so scared that it wouldn’t be that easy next time. So I stop planning first before I get disappointed and I guess that’s where I still am now, until I figure out how to be courageous and face disappointments head on


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