His Eyes

"I'm really sorry." she said as she collided with him on the road  She was busy with typing something on her phone and this was the reason of her colliding with him. She looked into his eyes and felt something different because usually, she could easily read anyone's eyes but this wasn't the case this … Continue reading His Eyes

Scorpio – The Most Powerful Sign ? 

I being a Scorpion and a believer of astrology (not the one who checks the next day predictions but believer of the negative and positive traits of a particular sun sign) is sharing below some info regarding the Scorpion sun sign.  Scorpios are intense and mysterious (complex and private). This combination is usually seen as … Continue reading Scorpio – The Most Powerful Sign ? 

Real Feelings -Part 4

You know diary, There comes a phase in our life when we neither feel sad nor happy. There comes a phase in our life when we seem devoid of emotions. There comes a phase in our life when everything seems blacked out around us but we don’t fear it because we feel at peace with … Continue reading Real Feelings -Part 4

Love And Intimacy

"Ke darkhaast hai ye... Jo aayi raat hai ye... Tu meri baahon me duniya... Bhula de..." The latest romantic track from the movie Shivaay was playing in the background as they were lost into each other. Their bodies were dancing on their own, to the sensuous and romantic tune of the song. His arms were … Continue reading Love And Intimacy