Not The Usual Thing 

​”Hey, Hi everyone.”  she came and wished everyone as they were standing in front of the Semi conductor lab

She was the live wire of the group, always filled with energy, happily chattering all day long. In that group, she had a special relationship with a guy. They were much more than best friends but still less than lovers. 

Hi, Sona.” everyone replied in unison to which she smiled 

Her full name was Sonakshi and everyone called him Sona. As you know, everyone these days tend to spend less time on taking the full name and therefore, even her already short name was shortened more.

Where’s Dev?” she asked as she noticed the only person missing

He must be in class.” one of the guys replied pointing towards the room

Ok, I have to meet him. Thanks for telling.” she said and went in a jiffy 

No one was amazed as she was like that but she seemed a little different today. 

He was sitting inside the empty room doing something on his phone. 

Hey, tech master. What are you doing here?” she asked raising her brows while standing beside the door 

Butterflies started roaming in his stoamch because yeah, you guessed it right. She was his crush. 

Nothing.” he replied moving his head from left to right. 

I know what were you doing. You are always in detail whenever I ask you about what’s so important in phone.” she replied entering the room

He smiled because that’s what he does whenever she is around him. He was so much in love with her but feared that about the implications on their friendship if he revealed his feelings to her. He feared that he would lose her and this fear resisted his feelings from coming out. They had such a marvellous bond that every couple of the college envied them as to how can they have such a bond even though they aren’t in a relationship. He was happy just being friends with her. Moreover, she was a carefree girl and never showed her emotional side to anyone. Not even Dev. 

Come with me. I have some urgent work to do. We have to meet the HoD about the project.” she said and held his hand to pick him up 

OK, OK I am coming. Slow down. What’s the hurry?” he asked

I will tell you later on.” she replied as they hurriedly made their way through hordes of students in the corridor 

She wasn’t going to meet the HoD as she was going to the small open park of their university that was titled “Lovers point” by the students. Something clearly different was on her mind. 

Sona, I am not going to tease the couples again with you today.” he said 

She suddenly stopped in the middle of the park. There weren’t a lot of students present that time as it was too early. Moreover, most of the students never came at time. 

She turned and looked towards him. 

Sona, are you alright? I think you have gone mad. This early here.” he said looking around 

Dev, I have to tell you something.” she replied and his eyes opened wide

What happened that day, changed their lives for forever…

Image credits – The two angles

56 thoughts on “Not The Usual Thing 

        1. Even I don’t like any other daily soaps. I hate them for their overdramatic tones but this show I could relate with. It touched my heart. That’s why I love it.
          You don’t like any of the daily soaps?


  1. Not only the names, I guess the nature of both is also inspired by that drama serial. sona the carefree girl and Dev just like hiding his feelings for Sona. Nice piece. Especially the dialogue forms.

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Yes I’m at home but I don’t watch it regularly..It depends on my mood, So when I fell like watching it’s there on the net. And here on net you we can also fast forward it….Can also watch selected episodes…


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