Intimate Night 

​”Shh…Don’t say anything.” he said and kept his finger on her soft lips

She felt a tingle inside her when his finger touched her lips. She looked at him in astonishment with eyes wide open as the subtle breeze made her hair sway with them. It was a full moon night and the bright moonlight made her face glow more. The silence of the night made their meet more beautiful. They both kept looking at each other with love overflowing through their eyes. 

You know there’s something sensuous about night. I miss you so much more now. I don’t want to be away from you even for a second……” 

And before he could say anymore, she pushed aside his finger from her lips and started kissing her passionately. 

His words had enraged the fire inside her so much that it was uncontrollable for her and so she gave in to the moment. Their bodies were moving in a unison. His hands subtly caressed her waist while her hands were busy caressing his hairs. They were so drowned into the heat of the moment that neither of them realized when they started losing their clothes. He pushed her onto the wall, took her arms up and pinned then with his hands so that she can’t move. 

What followed was a blissful night filled with intimacy and romance.

Image credits – Lovelace

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