Let’s Talk – Part 2

I wanted to ask everyone “What do you think of my blog theme?”

I also wanted to ask everyone “What’s your reason behind choosing your current theme if any?”

My previous blog theme was predominantly white in colour while now I have changed to black. Also, there’s a change in theme other than colours.

The current colour of my blog reflects my current mood. Right now, I seem to have lost the ability to write posts about happy love. So, those expecting to read happy love stories may have to wait for sometime. I’m really sorry for it.

The About page


The Main Page
Make yourself comfortable with my theme and blog.
Explore every nook and corner of my blog.
I promise you won’t be disappointed. πŸ™‚

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39 thoughts on “Let’s Talk – Part 2

  1. Your blog theem is really nice! well, we use same font for the headings… πŸ™‚
    I chose Gateway because when I made my blog, it was on the top of the lists and the layout really appelaed to me, so I took it. now what happened, I did some modifications which took me light years to do but then I was satisfied with my website’s appearance.
    and then came other options, like baskerville (i really like this one) and so many others but I was just so attarcted to the same look that I never changed. Maybe because my content suits that look only.

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    1. Thank you and your theme’s nice too. It’s all white and super clean with great use of the header image. Yeah, we use same header font. I really like it.
      Thanks again for sharing the feedback.

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  2. I currently like your theme and the concept of it.Your blog is much deep although written short.
    My theme is something that truly reflects my idea,hard it was to find one..yet I did!Something deep,meaningful and constructive is what I look for.

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    1. Thank you so much and yeah finding a theme that suits your taste is very difficult. I had tried some 10 to 15 themes before setting to current one.
      Written short means? πŸ™„
      These days I am really having difficulty in understanding words.

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      1. It’s okay,It happens I guess,written short as in the length of your poems are not lengthy yet they provide all the meaning.

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          1. The main essence to any writing is its flow and words I believe,once you have it length does not counts.
            And here I am glad to read your flow of words always!

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            1. Well, I have to agree with you.
              But knowing that time is precious and how jam packed everyone’s life, I try to be meaningful in as many less words I can.
              Thank you so much 😊 😊
              I particularly like the way you show the essence of love through your poems. That’s elegant.

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              1. Great thinking Puneet.I completely resonate with your words,I truly acknowledge your words as well as your blog.
                Thanks for the compliment though.Cheers!

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  3. hmm.. well.. frankly i dont like this theme. black behind white makes me a little uncomfortable to read .. but no issues as long as i am reading with my reader ..

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  4. The way you write is so good buddy. I like it. I am easily able to connect with it πŸ™‚
    and your theme is also tooo goood πŸ˜€

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  5. And well i am a new bee so am unsure of my selection of themes and fonts i think it will take me some more time to learn it πŸ™‚

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