​”Akhil… Akhil… Akhil…”  

The crowd chanted his name in unison as he came forward on the stage. The girls and boys were all going gaga to listen to his voice. Both happy and crying faces were visible. 

There was madness everywhere around but an unusual silence inside him. A silence that can easily make others lose their mind but he was looking all fine and good to perform again. His forte was romantic songs cause his voice was absolutely emotion laden. His voice was hefty which made it more soothing and magical. 

He looked down at the black floor and then up towards the dark black sky. He closed his eyes and a face came into his thoughts. He slowly opened his eyes and could feel the tears building up. Tears and that face were always a part of his every performance. 

As he looked at the crowd, he started singing…

Acha chalta hun… 

And a silence prevailed which was breached by his voice only… 

No one could understand how he sang so well… 

Maybe it was his voice, maybe it was his emotions or just maybe it was the pain behind his voice which brought tears into everyone’s eyes… 

Image credits – Rockstar


20 thoughts on “The Show 

    1. Thank you so much and yeah, I wrote it on the same lines. Though, the part where crowd silences is taken from aashiqui 2 scene. So, all in all you can say it’s a fusion of rockstar, aashiqui 2 and adhm. 😊

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