Sorry to every follower of my blog for not being active. I had my holidays, so I was home but internet connection there wasn’t working well. Moreover, my laptop isn’t working well also. After my holidays were over, I shifted to a new place in the city I am studying right now and it’s been a month now that the broadband connection can’t be made. The 4g data is costly and writing on the smartphone is a pain. 

Moreover, it’s my last year of engineering and therefore, the placement season is going on. I had a breakup in this period and that has drained me emotionally. I still am unable to overcome it. 

I am too stuck up in my life right now. 

Sorry to everyone. 

I hope you all will understand. 

I will return soon with new posts. 

Thank you. 

10 thoughts on “Apologies 

  1. your back friend yeah i checked regularly but as you were not here so yeah i though you got kidnapped by some alien thank god they left you back lol
    so now enough of this coming to serious part i can understand what your going thorough it must be hard on you as it would be on anyone i am here with you with all the readers here for support so do not consider yourself lonely and guess what there is a good thing and that is its your last year so you will be engineer then that would be awesome so i would not say i hope life brings you happiness and great options but i will say i believe it will happen 🙂

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    1. Thank you for such kind words (except the paragraph at start😂). I had lost interest in everything but then one day I thought of posting again and the comments that came made me going. 🙂

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  2. the paragraph in start was awesome words friend 🙂 so kind, so pure ,so innocent lol anyway i think its good you kept going when we lose motivation the other writers and readers are the inspiration 🙂


    1. Yes, the comments of others inspired me to keep posting. And I was talking about the first para of your comment which mentions about me getting kidnapped by alien. Lol😂
      Anyways I am back now. Thank you again.

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